Starting a business in Nigeria requires the following legal documents:


  1. Certificate of Incorporation: This document is issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and confirms the official registration of your business.
  2. Business Name Registration: This document is also obtained from the CAC and proves that your business name is unique and has been registered under your company’s name.
  3. Tax Identification Number (TIN): This document is issued by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and is a unique number assigned to your business for tax purposes.
  4. Company Seal: A company seal is a stamp used to officially endorse company documents and is usually made by the CAC.
  5. Memorandum and Articles of Association: This document outlines the rules and regulations of your business and its internal structure.
  6. Trademark Registration: If you have a brand name or logo, you should register it with the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry.
  7. Business Premises Lease Agreement: If you have a physical location, you need to have a lease agreement between you and the landlord.
  8. Work Permit (for foreign businesses): If you are a foreign business owner, you need to obtain a work permit from the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  9. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC): This certificate is obtained from the Federal Ministry of Environment and confirms that your business is in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

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