We critically analyze each business transaction, provide well researched and sound legal advice to assist our clients in mitigating business risks then deploy diverse solutions to specifically tailored to solve each client need.

At Capital Ace Attorneys we pride ourselves on our sector strengths which cover diverse areas of the law. Our core areas of practice cover: Immigration, Real Estate, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Commercial Transaction Advisory, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Project Finance and Taxation.


We have the requisite experience to meet our real estate client needs. We provide cutting edge real estate advisory services to our individual and corporate clients. Our legal expertise covers commercial real estate, residential and new property development schemes. We deliver research, analysis and advisory services to clients such as property investors, real estate companies, developers, mortgage lenders, construction companies, investment Banks, material producers and suppliers, residential and commercial owners and landlords and other professionals. Our real estate team keep our clients abreast of the new laws and regulations within the real estate industry.


Our tax advisory team provides our clients with complex transaction structuring tax advice and implementation support. We use our sound knowledge of the Nigeria tax and accounting laws to the benefit of our clients.  We ensure that we advise our client on the tax implication on each of their transactions. We equally advise on tax risk analysis, taxation of expatriate employees and tax compliance obligations. We provide relevant support in filing appropriate returns with the FIRS and LIRS, processing of VAT certificate and Tax clearance certificate, compute tax benefits and liabilities for your company and interface with relevant tax authorities.


At Capital Ace, our immigration advisory team has the requisite expertise which provides our clients with adequate understanding of Nigeria Immigration Laws and the requirements to migrate to Nigeria for business or any other purpose. Our industry experience has been beneficial to our clients as we understand the framework of the Immigration Service and the Ministry of Interior in Nigeria. Our immigration team ensure that our clients have a seamless processing of all relevant visas which includes STR, Residence Permits/CERPAC Expatriate Quota Approvals, Temporary Work Permit (TWP) and any other work-related documents required to enable their expatriates work in Nigeria. We ensure that we use our knowledge of immigration law and regulations to the advantage of our clients particularly on processing relevant documents. We provide additional services to help clients manage their immigration compliance with extant laws of Nigeria. We assess each client’s specific requirement, circumstance, and case to best advice and assist them on the best course of action.


Our dispute resolution team understands the rigors of litigation and its implication on the finances and business of our clients therefore we ensure that we explore all ADR mechanisms to resolve our client disputes. Where ADR fails, our dispute resolution team, which is well grounded in litigation having being trained by the finest hands in the legal profession are industry ready to provide our clients with litigation services.