If you become a victim of fraud in Nigeria, it is important to take the following steps as soon as possible:

  1. Report the Fraud: Report the fraud to the police or relevant law enforcement agencies, such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Provide as much detail as possible, including any evidence or documentation you have.

  2. File a Complaint: File a complaint with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) if the fraud was committed through electronic means, such as email or mobile phone.
  3. Contact Your Bank: If the fraud involved the use of your bank account or credit card, contact your bank immediately to report the fraud and block your account or card.
  4. Notify Relevant Parties: Notify relevant parties, such as your employer, family, and friends, of the fraud and the steps you have taken to report it.
  5. Gather Evidence: Gather any evidence or documentation related to the fraud, including receipts, emails, bank statements, or other relevant records.
  6. Seek Legal Advice: Consider seeking legal advice from a criminal defense lawyer to determine your legal options and the steps you can take to recover your losses.


It is important to act quickly if you become a victim of fraud, as this will increase the chances of recovery and help to prevent further losses. It is also advisable to remain vigilant and to protect your personal and financial information to minimize the risk of future fraud.

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