Unlike the temporary work visa (TWP), if you desire to take up an employment which shall make you stay in Nigeria for a long time, you are required to apply for a STR Visa and not a TWP. Your dependents can also apply for this category of visa. Upon grant of STR visa, you will be required to apply to the Comptroller-General of Immigration to regularise your stay within a period of 90 days. Upon regularisation of the STR visa, a residence work permit shall be granted.


The documents required include:

  1. Formal application for STR visa from employer.
  2. International passport with minimum validity of 6 months.
  3. Letter of employment.
  4. Expatriate quota approval.
  5. Offer and acceptance letter.
  6. Curriculum vitae.
  7. Duly completed form IMM 22.

After the grant of the STR visa, the expatriate shall be required to obtain the Residence Permit which is the process called the regularization. This is done upon entry into the country with the STR visa. This regularization must be done within a period of 90 days after entry. The following documents are required alongside the application:

  1. Employees international passport with the STR visa.
  2. Completed CERPAC statutory form.
  3. STR package containing STR documentation received from Nigerian Embassy/consul.

Upon approval of the work permit, the CERPAC card shall be issued. The CERPAC card is valid for a period of one year and can be renewed upon application.

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