At Capital Ace, our immigration advisory team has the requisite expertise which provides our clients with adequate understanding of Nigeria Immigration Laws and the requirements to migrate to Nigeria for business or any other purpose. Our industry experience has been beneficial to our clients as we understand the framework of the Immigration Service and the Ministry of Interior in Nigeria. Our immigration team ensure that our clients have a seamless processing of all relevant visas which includes STR, Residence Permits/CERPAC Expatriate Quota Approvals, Temporary Work Permit (TWP) and any other work-related documents required to enable their expatriates work in Nigeria. We ensure that we use our knowledge of immigration law and regulations to the advantage of our clients particularly on processing relevant documents. We provide additional services to help clients manage their immigration compliance with extant laws of Nigeria. We assess each client’s specific requirement, circumstance, and case to best advice and assist them on the best course of action.